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Why an operation in a surgical practice? And what operations?

A medical practice is not a hospital. Nevertheless it has to have in every aspect equivalent quality to hospitals. Our medical practice was certified according to QEP in 2012. All staff, medical as nursing, is specially trained in the treatment of children and has a special, proven expertise. The OR, the anesthesia facilities and equipment, the instrumentation facilities: Everything is equivalent to the same quality standards and hygienic requirements as in the hospital.

Many operations can be performed on an outpatient basis today. This is of special importance in dealing with children. The length of stay in the pediatric surgical practice is short, the parents are always around and the environment is friendly and facing.


You are scheduled for operation. What´s next?

You recieved a date for an operation and called us the day before the operation to check the time of the operation. Showing up in the practice, you will see the anesthesiologist to go over the anesthesia. After that he will guide you and your sun or daughter into the operation theatre. You will stay there aside your child until it has fallen asleep. Then you will be asked to get out into the waiting room and we begin the operation. After the operation your child will be brought into the recovery room and you can get back to your child. At this time your child might be still asleep but usually get awake soon.
If your son or daughter has become wide awake - usually after one to two hours - you can get back home with your child. Before you leave, we have given you more detailed instructions about the further course, the necessary care and follow-up appointments. If you have any questions you can give us a call us at a cell phone number whenever you feel so.


Does my child have pain after the surgery?

Your child should not have any pain. During surgery, we have injected additionally to the given painkillers the surgical site with local anesthetics. This local anesthesia does make the surgical site insensitive to pain for about 8 hours. In the unlikely event of pain during the day you might give your child painkillers in a reasonable dose. You can refer to the leaflet in the medicine´s box.
In any case, please give your daughter or your son painkillers before sleeping. It would be a shame if your child get up at night because the effect of the painkiller wears off.


How long before and after the operation should my child be sober?

Your child may take 2 hours before the operation a glass of clear, not sparkling fluid as carbonated water and tea. Solid food and milk are striktly forbidden 6 hours before the operation. After surgery, a reasonable time should have elapsed before taken input. On this issue please consult at the appropriate time the nurse in the recovery room.


How long does the surgery?

The duration of the operation depends on procedure. However, our pediatric surgical procedures rarely last longer than half an hour. If it takes longer, we will let you know.


Do we need a referral letter?

You do not necessarily need a referral letter for initial treatment. Only when the practitioner or pediatrician wants a second, specialist medical opinion - especially if the need for surgery is in the room - he will transfer you to us. For injuries, fractures and acute diseases you do not have see your pediatrician before but just come directly to us.


Where can I park?

Parking is available for a reasonable fee on the parking deck of the Zentrum Schöneweide. Take P3 all the way through the back and hold to the left at the end of the parking deck. The driveway to the parking deck is signposted on the Schnellerstraße.

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